iPhone 5 in the toilet? AppleSparks has the answer

iPhone 5 in the toilet? AppleSparks has the answer

As Apple gadget fans finally get their hands on the new iPhone 5, one Wellingborough-based company is preparing for a rush of broken, cracked, scratched and water-damaged devices to come flooding into its shop.

‘AppleSparks’ specialises in repairing iPhones, iPads, iPods and the iTouch, and has been busily acquiring all the necessary tools and technological knowhow required to fix their customers’ new purchases.
Neil Barker, AppleSparks’ Owner, explains:

Neil Barker, owner of AppleSparks in Wellingborough

“Over the last year we’ve fixed hundreds of iPhones which have suffered a variety of mishaps, ranging from coffee spills and scratches, through to being left in cars on hot days or chewed by pets. Some are driven over and many have been dropped in the bath or toilet!

“The new iPhone 5 is a wonderful piece of design and arguably the most beautiful object Apple has ever produced. However, along with other i-devices, it also has an unfortunate reputation as an ‘accident-magnet’.

“The iPhone 5 costs upwards of £530 and many people buy expensive ‘protection’ plans on top of this. However, accidental damage often isn’t covered and, where it is, it can take weeks for a device to be returned and all its data is usually lost in the process.

“AppleSparks takes pride in professionally and affordably repairing damaged iPhones, often in as little as 30 minutes, while saving the phone numbers and data contained on the devices. With one in ten phones in the UK being an iPhone, we anticipate this will be a real growth market for some time to come.”

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