Public Relations Strategy & Delivery

We work closely with you to review your organisation’s audiences, objectives, and messages. We’re interested in what makes your business unique, and help translate your knowledge and passion into great stories and editorial copy.

News Releases

In a world swamped by often instantly-forgettable advertising we get straight to the point by identifying the ‘who, what, why, where and when’ of your story. We understand newsworthiness, what drives media, and which messages will successfully motivate your target audiences.


If you have a lot to say about your organisation, achievements and future plans, but aren’t entirely sure how to put it – you’ve come to the right place. We work with content covering everything from magazines, academic journals and speeches, through to newspapers, websites and social media.

Media Relations & Interviews

Whether you’re speaking to the press, a blogger, radio or appearing on television – there’s a great old saying to consider: “A media interview is no place for original thought.” We’re here to help you prepare your point, stay on message, banish nerves, and manage any difficult questions.

Employee Engagement

Professionals are motivated by more than just salary. They want to understand their organisation’s mission, how they fit, be valued for their skills, and understand the challenges and opportunities ahead. We can help you communicate in a way which retains and attracts the very best people.

Crisis Communication

Things can go wrong. When they do, poorly managed communication or inaction can make matters a great deal worse, sometimes irreparably damaging trust and reputations in the process. We work with organisations large and small to ensure a drama won’t turn into a crisis.